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  Sol's glass art reacts amazingly with the light. He believes the life-giving light of Father Sun puts the spirit into the rings, bending light, creating intricate three dimensional reflections, and creating energy forces in their center.


  Red Tide

This transparent scarlet bowl with the ring, accented with gold streamers and murinis, will draw the light to it creating fluid reflections.
17"d x 4"h 10 lbs

  Tri Fish

The triangular shape of this bowl provides the space for the salmon to swim in harmony.
The light catches the fish and turns them a copper blue under the transparent ocean waters.
17" x 3"h 7.5 lbs


In 1938 a fish was caught off South Africa that was thought to be extinct 66 million years ago! Many of its relatives are still alive today in waters around the globe. Sol has been intrigued by this fish, the coelacanth, since he first heard about it, and pays tribute to it in this colorful, fanciful bowl.
14" x 9"h 13 lbs

  7th Generation Journey

Every year the salmon of the Pacific Northwest migrate back to their birthplace to complete their cycle of life. They lay their eggs in the gravel of the streams and rivers and then, their mission complete, they die. This large, impressive bowl with the ring shows the salmon swimming up through the kelp beds before they leave the ocean for the last time. Sol's wish is to honor their tenacity and courage against great odds.
16" d x 10" h 18 lbs

  Gigi Fish

A vivid hyacinth layered over rich raspberry and speckled with aventurine gold, gives this hand blown glass fish the look of tropical elegance.
5"L x 9"h 6 lbs

  High Tide

Cobalt blue waves, washing up the beach, carrying treasures from the ocean depths.
23.5 "x 20.5 " x 6.5" 11 lbs


These glass starfish (or sea stars) are hand formed by Sol. Each one is an original with its own unique characteristics. Sol uses many different color combinations in creating these solid glass sculptures that range in size from 7" to 16" across.

Sol and the starfish installation

One August afternoon at high tide on Cox Bay, British Columbia, Sol laid out dozens of his glass starfish in the tidal pools alongside the real thing. People walking by on the beach were amazed to see such colorful starfish, not realizing they were made out of glass!

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