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Light energy brings life to the glass, makes it breathe. Some of his pieces react to the vibration of your voice and actually change color when you talk near them! Sol’s wish is to share his rings with the people of the world. He hopes that you will feel what he feels for this primordial material.

  On Golden Pond

Like looking into a reflecting pond, you'll get a sense of tranquility from this bowl.
This image captures the amazing reflections that the rings create.
17"d x 3"h 10 lbs

  Tatanka Oyate

The ancient ones of this land depended on the buffalo for their survival. They loved and respected this mighty animal. He was their brother. As a Sundancer, Sol honors their spirit in this large, impressive vase with the four direction protrusions.
10” w x 13.5”h 20 lbs

  Liquid Life

Vivid shades of blues mixed with gold and greens, swirling textures, water…the sustainer of life. This large bowl with the ring is truly a statement piece!
19"d x 4.5"h 12 lbs

  Pueblo de Soles

Bright colors come to life when exposed to the light, warming your soul and stirring your spirit. Welcome to the House of the Sun. From the front, this bowl has a muted blue green iridescence, while the back is a bright, vivid combination of orange and greens, accented with murini suns.
21.5” d x 4.5”h 18 lbs


This piece is similar to Sol's other works, in that it shows many different faces as light interacts with the ring. When the light shines on the bowl from the front, it is has an apricot opalescence to it. When the light shines through it, from the back, it becomes translucent, and the "meteorites and galactic dust" swirl around pulling you with them into the fiery center.
22.5" x 20" x 3"h 12.5 lbs

  Apple Vines

Granny apple green vines entwine themselves over the surface of this delicate four-direction bowl.
16.5" x 18" x 5.5"h 8.5 lbs

  Liquid Sunshine

This free form bowl dressed in daffy yellow is a cool character! The pale turquoise murini dance in and out of the curves and reflect in the transparent protrusions.
15" x 9.5"h 11 lbs

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