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The Story of the Ring
Sol Maya
Solart Glass Studio
The Story of the Ring

Imagine...liquid glass-2150 degrees!! Now try molding that molten glass with your hand-with
nothing between your skin and that HOT glass but a few layers of wet paper. That's what Sol Maya
does each time makes the ring. The ring is Sol's ''signature'. This is something you will not see in
any other glass blowers work. The best way to describe it is a 'Saturn ring' encircling the hand blown vessel. The ring emerges out of the glass in one mass of glass, all part of the original bubble (not added on after the piece is blown). One molecular structure that allows the light to travel freely throughout the piece, bringing a unique and fresh approach to the ancient art of glass blowing.


To the best of Sol's knowledge, no one else has ever worked glass in this way...while still maintaining traditional techniques.

Sol was a potter until he discovered the magic and spontaneity of glass. In 1984 he severely injured
his right hand in a cycle accident. Being right handed and not willing to give up blowing glass for any length of time, he figured out a way to blow with a cast on his hand. Not being able to 'punty' the pieces, Sol would blow large bubbles of glass... with gravity and the rotation of the hot glass on the pipe, he noticed the natural collection of glass around the bubble. Months later, when his hand had healed, Sol began to control that glass and using a pottery technique, the ring was born!


The ring has evolved over the years, becoming more refined and more consistent. Sol has developed several variations of the ring, including adding color to the ring itself and dividing the ring into four sections which he calls “the four directions”. These are like cups that emerge from the sides of the vessel, reminiscent of the Pre-Columbian pottery which his Mayan ancestors were known for.

Sol’s latest works, the Ridgeback series (8 protrusions), the Sunrays series (16-30 protrusions) and his new “Eagle Wings”, demonstrate the evolution of the ring. With the exception of the “Saturn” ring, Sol never totally controls the glass; because it’s liquid he prefers to flow with it. He gives it as much freedom as he can, to let it be what it wants to be. He works fast and often alone. He carries an incredible weight on the end of the pipe…hot and heavy!! Sol loves to make large, heavy pieces, averaging between 15 – 30 lbs when they are finished. At 5’4” this can be very physically challenging! He rarely plans any aspect of the piece before he picks up the first gather, just goes with whatever color comes to him at that moment and it takes on its own life from there.

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