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Sol likes to take the fragility out of his glass pieces by making them strong, by using a lot of glass. Sol’s hand blown glass works are statement pieces, one-of-a-kind, original art. He does not do production work, as he prefers to flow with the glass each time he blows.



This bowl is striking! The deep, rich yellow provides contrast for the cobalt blue stripes. When you look the ring you would think that it is the same color as the rest of the bowl, when in fact it is clear glass! Notice how the ring reflects the stripes and gives them the appearance of changing direction.
13"w x 10" h 14.5 lbs

  The Three Tenors

Backstage, waiting to go on…lusty, strong, flamboyant…the spotlights love them!
a. 9" w x 9"h 7 lbs
b. 9"w x 9"h 8 lbs
c. 9"w x 9"h 8.5 lbs


This sensuous lapis blue bowl is balanced on 4 sides by its protrusions reminiscent of Victorian swags.
15"d x 6.5"h 9 lbs

  Queen Mother

Quiet but stately, this elegant iris gold four direction bowl with aventurine gold flecks suggests royalty.
9"w x 10"h 12 lbs


Uplifting and elegant, this deep bowl brings wonderful light and spirit to its surroundings.
19” x 10.5”h 13 lbs


Isaura ("Ridgeback" series)

When the light strikes this wonderful gold ruby bowl the 8 protrusions shine like a string of diamonds. Because the protrusions are part of the bowl, not added on after it is blown, they create the amazing intricate reflections that Sol’s work has become known for.
13.5" x 6" h 11 lbs


Like the butterfly that undergoes a magical transformation, this piece is ever changing. The colors morph from gold to green to purple to blue. Place it under a halogen spotlight and watch the butterfly emerge in the center of the bowl! Let the sun shine on it and see the kaleidoscope of colors. You will see a different "face" on this piece as the light changes throughout the day.
14"w x 7"h 9.5 lbs

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