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Sol's art flows from a creative process by which he uses his own imagination to create true original artwork. The "Saturn ring" is Sol's signature. The creation of these rings introduces a new technique to the ancient glass blowing process.

As far as Sol knows, no other glass blower before him has ever worked glass in this way while maintaining traditional techniques and he wishes it to be his contribution to glass art.                (see "the story of the ring" )


  Aurora Borealis

Looking at this bowl one is reminded of the celestial phenomenon of streamers of colored light that appear in some far Northern skies. Ever changing from its smoky mirrored center to the aurora around the outside edges, to the wild reflections created by the ring, it is both soothing and exhilarating.
19" d x 4"h 13 lbs

  The Red Planet

This is one of a series of "worlds" that Sol has created. This hand blown sculpture is hollow inside and has a hole in the bottom where a small light fits through. It provides magical "mood lighting" and also makes a wonderful night light.
11.5" w x 9"h 12 lbs

  Rainbow's End

The pot of gold is centered within a swirl of transparent colors in this dreamy bowl. At the back of the gold center hides a whirling cloud of red, gold and iris blue opalescence.
17"d x 4"h 14 lbs

  Spider Nebula

Nebulas form when stars explode and expel their material into space. This dramatic bowl, with its large ring, wants to pull you into its swirling vortex. The three dimensional reflection created by the ring in this piece is most spectacular.
21"d x 5"h 9lbs

  Northern Lights

This humongous roundel with the ring shows off a beautiful array of colors reminiscent of a fiery cold northern light display.
20"d x 4.5"h 18 lbs



This large oval shaped bowl is a transparent scarlet red with copper texture in the center and has "galactic dust" scattered over the surface. You can almost feel the heat of the meteorite as it speeds through space.
23" x 20" x 4" h 15.5 lb



The "Kuiper Belt" is a band of galactic debris that forms around the edge of the solar system. It is believed that many of the comets are born there. This bowl, with its deep ring, reflects the light and creates its own star filled galaxy.
19" d x 5" h 15 lbs

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